GuitarFella's Free 5 Day Course
For Complete Beginners


Congratulations on making the right choice to finally start learning guitar! Below are the details of what you are about to learn in each video! The best way to go though them is to do one video a day. Rushing through all of them might be tempting but you will just waste your time and you will limit your progress significantly.


DAY 1: (12 Min)

– Learn Finger Exercises
– Left Hand Technique
– Thumb Technique
– Learn Your First Chord
– Learn What Is Basic Strumming


DAY 2: (17 Min)

– Learn A Minor Chord
– Learn E Minor Chord
– How To Use A Pick
– Basics of Alternate Picking


DAY 3: (14 Min)

– Learn 3 More Chords
– Learn How To Switch Between Chords
– Insights about Rhyth


DAY 4: (10 Min)

– Learn 2 More Chords
– Boost Chord Progression
– How to Strum Properly


DAY 5: (17 Min)

– New Strumming Technique
– New Alternate Picking Technique
– Round Up on the G C and D Chords
– How To Expand Your Guitar Knowledge


Do You Want To Go Pro?

- Advanced Guitar Player System
- A 10 Lessons Course That Will Turn You Into A Real Guitar Player​
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