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  • We’re the best free resource for beginner guitarists.
    You could pay a guitar instructor $40+/hour for lessons, or you could wander through poorly-made instructional YouTube videos until you get frustrated and give up.

    Or, you could learn from Guitar Fella - our 5-day introductory course teaches you everything you need to jump from beginner to intermediate, and best of all, it’s 100% free.
  • Made for beginners & extremely easy to follow
    It’s not hard to get overwhelmed when you first start playing guitar. Guitar is considered the hardest instrument to learn, and without a good teacher, you’ll be struggling at the beginner level forever.

    Guitar Fella won’t overwhelm you - in fact, you’ll be surprised at just how easy it is to follow along with our instructor, Jared. Even if you’ve never picked up an instrument before, by the time you watch out five videos, you will be an intermediate guitar player.

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And again, Guitar Fella’s expedited beginner course is 100% free - and always will be! Currently, here is not another beginner guitar course that is quite as comprehensive or easy-to-follow as ours.

Jared Catoor

About the Lector

Jared Cattoor is a professional guitarist and creative music teacher. He had been to 3 music colleges and played in many bands and with more than 10 years of practice as a teacher in private schools, music theory classes, music schools, online and at home